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Medical Student Rotations

Diagnostic Radiology

Opportunities for students to participate in daily operations.

Course Description

The radiology rotation will give students the opportunity to observe and participate in the daily operation of a large community hospital-based radiology practice.

    • Gain increased familiarity with established diagnostic imaging pathways and protocols.
    • Observe and participate in the daily operation of a large community hospital-based Radiology Department and Residency Program.
    • Learn basic interpretation skills in various imaging modalities.
    • Become more familiar with diagnostic radiology procedures.
    • Establish and reinforce strong cooperative working relationships between primary care physicians and radiology imaging consultants.

    Expectations and Responsibilities


      • Be present at the assigned area by 8 a.m.
      • Attend the noon conference.
      • Complete record dates of conferences attended.
      • Complete list of attendings/residents who worked with the student. The student is expected to keep track of which radiologists and radiology residents he or she spent time with during the rotation. This list will be used to in obtaining evaluations in order to send in an aggregate evaluation to the school.
      • Complete an evaluation of the rotation.
      • Complete a radiology Scavenger Hunt Checklist.
      • Give a presentation: 10 minute presentation on the last day of rotation. More details in rotation packet.

      Unique Attributes

      • Lectures.
      • Conferences.
      • Access to the Shaw Library: Large departmental library including large selection of radiology textbooks. (Books must remain in the library.); Computer assisted educational materials with interactive DVDs and CD-ROMs. (All media must remain in the library.)

      Additional Information

      • Block 1 7/1/19-7/28/19
      • Block 2 7/29-19-8/25/19
      • Block 3 8/26/19-9/22/19
      • Block 4 9/23/19-10/20/19
      • Block 5 10/21/19-11/17/19
      • Block 6 11/18/19-12/15/19
      • Block 7 12/16/19-1/12/20
      • Block 8 1/13/20-2/9/20
      • Block 9 2/10/19-3/8/20
      • Block 10 3/9/20-4/5/20
      • Block 11 4/6/20-5/3/20
      • Block 12 5/4/20-5/31/20
      • Block 13 6/1/20-6/30/20

      Note: Dates may change yearly, according to the resident’s academic year.

      4 weeks.

      3rd and 4th year.

      4 spots per block.

      Application, Arrangement.

      • Rotation Dates.
      • Rotation dates are flexible but require approval from the director via the coordinator.
      • Requests must be submitted and approved eight weeks prior to starting the rotation unless approved by academic affairs.
      • Any change made to the approved dates must be given six weeks prior.
      • Vacation/Interview/Personal Time Policy.
      • 4 days leave per 4 week Radiology Elective.
      • Time off must be approve by their dean prior to rotation.
      • You must notify the program coordinator in advance if you are planning a leave during your rotation.
      • Deadline for this notification is one month in advance.

      Inpatient and Outpatient.

      Christiana Hospital.

      8-4:30, M-F.

      Carpool, public transportation, a car is recommend/required for this rotation.

      • Professional attire is required in clinical and patient care settings.
      • White coats should be worn, and students must always have their school ID and ChristianaCare ID visible.
      • Scrubs will be provided.
      Clerkship Directors

      Mohammed M. Ali, MD
      Email: RadsRes@christianacare.org

      Clerkship Coordinator

      Sharon Scotton
      Email: Sharon.Scotton@christianacare.org

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