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Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Clerkship

Giving students the opportunity to observe and participate.

Course Description

This fourth-year elective provides the student with the opportunity to immerse him/herself in a true combined EM/IM clinical experience. It is primarily an emergency medicine elective (allowing a full standardized EM evaluation), that also gives exposure to internal medicine in both the outpatient and inpatient settings.

Expectations and Responsibilities

Our MS4’s will have at least 10 shifts in the emergency departments of Christiana Hospital in Newark (annual ED census 120,000+) and Wilmington Hospital in Wilmington (annual census 65,000+).

This will provide them with the opportunity to experience both the intensity of a high volume, high acuity, tertiary care facility and the complexities of a county-type, inner city facility. Our system does not have many subspecialty residencies, which allows our residents to gain experience in all types of procedures. Several shifts are with a dedicated teaching resident providing individualized instruction.

Additionally, students are paired with upper level EM/IM residents to work at least three to four days on one of the inpatient units (ICU or medicine floor), and at least two half days in the outpatient setting. The EM/IM clinic at Wilmington hospital provides a unique perspective on caring for medically complex patients in an underserved urban setting. While the internal medicine exposure is not to the level of a full sub-internship, students definitely get a great feel for what it is like to be a combined EM/IM resident at ChristianaCare. There is daily interaction with EM/IM trained residents and faculty, as well as ample time spent with the EM/IM program director for input and feedback.

Unique Attributes

You will attend and participate in our resident didactics on a weekly basis, as well as individual lectures and simulation sessions specifically designed for the students.

    • Thursday 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (breakout small group sessions, interactive lectures, grand rounds, SIM labs).
    • Friday 8 a.m.-9 a.m. SIM Lab.
    • Program leadership Lectures.
    • Journal Club.
    • One on one meeting(s) with the EM/IM program director

    Students applying for Emergency Medicine, EM/IM, and/or EM/FM residency will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty and obtain a SLOE for their application process.

    Additional Information

    • Block 1: 7/3 to 7/30, 2023
    • Block 2: 7/31 to 8/27, 2023
    • Block 3: 8/28 to 9/24, 2023
    • Block 4: 9/25 to 10/22, 2023
    • Block 5: 10/23 to 11/19, 2023
    • Block 6: 11/20 to 12/17, 2023
    • Block 7: 1/2 to 1/28, 2024
    • Block 8: 1/29 to 2/25, 2024
    • Block 9: 2/26 to 3/24, 2024
    • Block 10: 3/25 to 4/21, 2024
    • Block 11: 4/22 to 5/19, 2024

    4 weeks.

    4th year (or end-3rd years who have completed their core clerkships).

    1 spot per block.

    4th year US medical student in good standing.

    Inpatient and/or Outpatient Emergency Department, ICU or inpatient floor, and outpatient clinic.

    Christiana Hospital, Wilmington Hospital (all students rotate at both).

    8 hour shifts. 10 ED shifts per block. 3-4 consecutive days in the ICU or inpatient floor. 2 half days in the outpatient clinic at Wilmington Hospital. Ultrasound shifts available on request.

    Car is recommended for rotation.

    • Professional attire is required in clinical and patient care settings.
    • White coats should be worn, and students must always have their school ID and ChristianaCare ID visible.
    • Scrubs will be provided.
    Clerkship Directors

    Jason E. Nace, MD
    Email: jnace@christianacare.org

    Clerkship Coordinator

    Emily O'Malley
    Email: Emily.OMalley@christianacare.org

    Chief Resident/Student Contact

    Diane Wang, MD
    Email: Diane.Wang@christianacare.org

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