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Medical Student Rotations

Sports Medicine

Introducing students to musculoskeletal, sports & recreation injuries.

Course Description

A 2 week, encompassing rotation to introduce students to, musculoskeletal, sports, and recreation injuries as well as medical conditions affecting athletes and active people of all ages.

Expectations and Responsibilities
  • Gain knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Review bony and muscle anatomy.
  • Practice joint physical exams.
  • Introduce joint injections and procedures.
Unique Attributes

Lectures, procedural training.

Additional Information

Blocks 2-12.

2 weeks in length.

Branch campus Students only or upon specific request.

1 per block, not already filled by another student.

Branch campus students.

Only one student per block for a max of 2 weeks.

Inpatient and/or Outpatient Outpatient.

Sports Medicine outpatient offices.

8-12 and 1-5pm.

Recommend car as there is often travel between offices.

  • Professional attire is required in clinical and patient care settings.
  • White coats should be worn, and students must always have their school ID and ChristianaCare ID visible.
  • Scrubs will be provided.
Clerkship Directors

Carla M. Basadre Quiroz, MD
Email: Carla.BasadreQuiroz@christianacare.org

Clerkship Coordinator

Victoria Lester
Email: Victoria.Lester@christianacare.org

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