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Medical Student Rotations

Vascular Interventional Radiology

Giving students the opportunity to observe and participate.

Goals and Objectives


    • Get introduced to the full array of the clinical and procedural aspects of the specialty of Interventional Radiology.
    • Observe and participate in the daily operation of a large community hospital based Interventional Radiology Department and Residency Program.
    • Learn basic interpretation skills in various imaging modalities pertinent to the practice of IR.
    • Gain exposure to the inpatient and outpatient clinical evaluations of the IR patient.
    • Become familiar with both basic and advanced IR procedures and actively assist in such procedures when appropriate.

    Teaching Methods

    The student is offered the opportunity to participate in all areas of the CCHS Interventional Radiology practice including:

    • Inpatient rounds.
    • Outpatient clinic.
    • Fluoroscopic-guided interventions.
    • CT-guided interventions (1 week of 4-week block).

    The student will have the opportunity to work closely with staff interventional radiologists and IR residents to:

    • Participate in inpatient rounds.
    • See new patient consults both inpatient and outpatient.
    • Participate in both CT and fluoroscopically guided procedures and learn basic IR skills including: Basic ultrasound skills., Basic wire and catheter handling., Venous access., CT and US guided drainage

    Ancillary educational materials are offered as follows:

    • Departmental library including large selection of IR textbooks.
    • Computer assisted educational materials.
    Methods of Evaluation

    A combined written evaluation will be performed for the student to be sent to the medical school program after completion of the rotation.

    Expectations and Responsibilities

    The student will be responsible for a single 15-30 min presentation on the IR topic of their choice to be given during the last week of their curriculum.

    Unique Attributes

    The following areas of IR radiology are available, all starting at 7am:

      • ER, Inpatient, and outpatient interventional/ angiographic procedures are performed throughout the day on the 2nd floor of the hospital in the HVIS area and in the CT5 area near fluoroscopy.
      • Common procedures include: central venous access, renal intervention, venous lytic therapy, arterial lytic therapy, CT-guided biopsies and ablations, IVC filter placement/ removal, cholecystostomies, embolization (GI bleed/ traumatic Bleed, chemoembolization), Paracentesis, etc.
      • Scrubs are required for this rotation.

      Additional Information


      4 weeks (will offer 2 or 3 week).

      3rd and 4th year.

      2 per rotation.

      Inpatient and Outpatient.

      Christiana Hospital.


      Rotation is only at Christiana Campus.

      • Professional attire is required in clinical and patient care settings.
      • White coats should be worn, and students must always have their school ID and ChristianaCare ID visible.
      • Scrubs will be provided.
      Clerkship Directors

      Christopher Grilli, DO
      Email: CGrilli@ChristianaCare.org

      Clerkship Coordinator

      Sharon Scotton
      Email: Sharon.Scotton@christianacare.org

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