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Undergraduate Medical Education

Requirements to Rotate

All information for students interested in rotating at ChristianaCare.

Application Process

  • Medical students interested in rotating at ChristianaCare must complete a Student Application for each department in which he/she would like to rotate.
  • Medical students must be in good academic standing and enrolled in a LCME or AOA accredited medical school to be considered eligible for junior or senior clerkship positions at ChristianaCare.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Department and the student will be notified by the Office of Academic Affairs upon approval.
  • Medical students approved for any rotation must meet the eligibility requirements below to rotate at ChristianaCare.

Institutional Requirements

A fully executed Student Training Agreement must be in place and a certificate of insurance received (coverage must be $1 million/$3 million personal liability) before a student can begin a rotation. ChristianaCare will initiate a Student Training Agreement request for students who are apply from a non-affiliated school.

The affiliated school will ensure clearance in the following areas for each rotating student:

    • Criminal Background Check (in accordance with the procedures established by school).
    • Immunization of Tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, varicella if a negative history or an unknown history of chicken pox, COVID-19, confirmation of flu vaccination during flu season (October thru March), and TST skin test or equivalent.
    • Drug Screening (in accordance with procedures established by school).
    • Confirmation of flu vaccination during flu season (October thru March).

    Students will not be required to submit any of the above documentation directly to ChristianaCare. Confirmation of compliance will be sent to ChristianaCare from the students’ educational institution.

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