COVID-19: Click here to learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines, Testing and Visitor Policies.


COVID-19: Click here to learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines, Testing and Visitor Policies.


Physician and Allied Health Job Shadowing

The ChristianaCare, Department of Academic Affairs Job Shadowing Program is a great way to learn about interesting careers in health care.

During a job shadowing experience individuals with or without prior medical education can observe medical professionals as they care for patients and families for a pre-determined time at ChristianaCare.

Please note that the application review process will take approximately seven days and an individual is not permitted to begin a job shadowing experience until he/she has received an e-mail approval from the ChristianaCare Department of Academic Affairs. Applications will not be reviewed unless all information is completed on the required job shadowing application forms. ChristianaCare reserves the right to refuse a request for any reason.

To request a job shadowing opportunity, follow the instructions, requirements and suggestions outlined below.

Application Process

  1. Participant arranges with a Sponsor to job shadow at a mutually agreeable time.
  2. Participant submits the Job Shadowing Request for Information form (see left).
  3. Participant completes Job Shadowing application forms–forwarded by the Department of Academic Affairs to the participant.
  4. Sponsor completes the Sponsor Agreement form on the web page.
  5. Participant is not permitted to begin a job shadowing experience until he/she received an e-mail approval from the ChristianaCare, Department of Academic Affairs.

ChristianaCare will be hosting several students at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute through Delaware’s INBRE Program. The DE-INBRE program, sponsored through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) provides funding to enhance Delaware’s biomedical workforce and provide opportunities to undergraduate students. This posting provides instructions and information about the application process and program. Learn more.


  1. Vaccinations.
    • Flu vaccination when shadowing between months of November and April or when required by ChristianaCare.
    • Measles vaccination or immunity.
    • German Measles (Rubella) vaccination or immunity.
    • Chicken Pox vaccination or immunity.
    • COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. Parental consent is required if the participant is under 18 years of age.
  3. Appropriate attire: participants must wear appropriate attire – business casual clothing and closed toe shoes.

On Day of Experience

  1. On day of experience, Participant checks in at Information Desk (if pertinent) and obtains visitor badge.
  2. Participant meets Sponsor and is under his/her direct supervision at all times.
  3. Sponsor introduces Participant to patients prior to observation of their care or disclosure of their information.
  4. Participant may not shadow on any day if he/she has a fever, cough, open wounds, or any potentially contagious disease.

Please Note the Following

  • ChristianaCare receives a high demand for job shadowing experiences. ChristianaCare is unable to accommodate every request. ChristianaCare reserves the right to refuse any request for a job shadowing experience for any reason.
  • During shadowing experiences, participants may come in contact with very sick and/or contagious individuals and with hazards (sharps, chemicals, radioactive substances). Job shadow participants must accept the risk of any illness, injury or harm that results from participation in the job shadow experience.
  • Participants must understand that Delaware is a small community; therefore, if participant encounters a friend, acquaintance or family member during a shadow experience with ChristianaCare, he/she must keep this information confidential and not disclose this information to any other person.
  • Participants are limited to two experiences (not to exceed a total of 40 hours) per 12-month period.
  • Participants may not obtain educational credit for the experience and will not be graded.
  • Job shadowing experiences shall be observational only. Participants may not provide patient care or engage in any direct patient contact (verbal or physical) with patients.
  • Participants who shadow in a surgical suite may not scrub in for any procedure.
  • ChristianaCare’s first priority is to protect the health and welfare of its patients and staff.
  • ChristianaCare staff may require a job shadowing participant to leave an area, facility or the campus at any time.

Job Shadowing Questions

If you have questions about the job shadow experience, please contact Sheldon Gerwood at

Nursing Job Shadowing Questions

If you have questions about a job shadow experience in nursing, please contact Moneca Davis-Graham at