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At ChristianaCare, everything we do is For the Love of Health™, and that focus has guided our response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We have redesigned how we deliver care to keep our patients and caregivers safe, while providing the high-quality care that our community needs and deserves. This includes greatly expanded options for virtual care and telehealth visits, as well as guidelines that support social distancing, wearing masks, a clean environment and limited numbers of patients and visitors to ensure safety. Learn More

Dragon Medical One (DMO)

New cloud-based dragon with improved accuracy, profile stability and instant auto-launch with PowerChart/FirstNet/SurgiNet

TIP:  YOU MUST BRIEFLY PAUSE BEFORE SPEAKING (½ second) after pressing the dictation button.

Clinical Calculators


Can the Dragon PowerMic help move my dictation from section to section within dynamic documentation workflow? (e.g. HPI to ROS to PE…)
Yes, speak the command “Next Section” or “Previous Section.” This is a step-by-step command that can also be manually programmed to your PowerMic microphone (see DMO – Menu Options & Settings).

I use a different microphone than the PowerMic. What are my options?
I need to use Dragon to dictate into other applications.
DMO is currently only configured to work with PowerMic II/III microphones and can only be used within Cerner applications. On regular workstations (WS machines), you may continue to use the legacy Dragon Network Edition if you utilize a different microphone or need to use Dragon within other applications.

Certain autotext/macros do not work anymore.
DMO no longer supports the use of autotext built with associated lists (e.g. EKG macro <heart rate>)