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Genetic Consultation and Risk Assessment

Does colon cancer run in your family? Do you have a gene that puts you at higher risk for breast cancer? You can’t change your family health history or your genes, but you can use that knowledge to make the best decisions for your personalized health.

Research shows a clear link between certain genes and risks for breast, colorectal, prostate and thyroid cancers. The link is often strongest in families where:

  • Cancer is diagnosed before age 50.
  • Cancer shows up in more than one generation.
  • Individual family members have cancer in both the left and right breasts (bilateral)
  • Cancer occurs in the less commonly affected gender (male breast cancer).
  • Several rare cancers (ovarian, pancreatic, sarcoma) occur.

Knowing your personal risk based on your family health history may help you and your doctor prevent cancer or detect it early when it is most treatable.

Make an appointment today to complete your personal cancer risk assessment with a licensed genetic counselor.

Call us at 302-623-4593 (option 1) or toll-free at 1-800-811-8116.


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