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After Delivery


After delivery, you will experience family-centered care.


Bonding is the attachment and relationship that develops between a mother and her baby. An essential part of a child’s development, it helps them become better socialized and develop natural relationships.

Whatever your personal circumstances and feelings, we are here to advise and guide you through the natural bonding process, giving both mother and child comfort and support through this new stage in life.

Mother holding baby

To learn more about our maternity services, call 302-301-3360.

Building the Bonds of Family

At ChristianaCare, you get more time with your baby, who sleeps, eats and gets bathed in your room. This helps you to more quickly learn the cues that your baby uses to express basic needs. It reduces the likelihood of breastfeeding problems. And it helps you to adjust to the rhythms and needs of your child before you go home.

Experienced Nurses Offering a Helping Hand

At all times, your nurse will be available for you to provide you with care, support and education. Our method of care enables our maternity nurses to spend more time in your room when you need coaching, encouragement or advice. Even experienced mothers appreciate this opportunity to learn—or relearn—the finer points of newborn care within the secure environment of the hospital.

Nurses will come to your bedside to help with breast or bottle feeding, diaper changing, bathing, umbilical-cord and circumcision care, and other essential skills. Maternity nurses are also trained lactation nurses, which means that they can provide you with bedside breastfeeding help. Certified lactation consultants are also available if you have additional needs.

This level of commitment to a the highest level of care for infant feeding and mother-baby bonding has earned us a Baby-Friendly™ designation by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative—a global program of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Remember, at ChristianaCare, you have the most experienced labor and delivery team in Delaware ready to help you with needs large or small. We are honored to be your partners in care on your special day—and for a lifetime.

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Your baby’s appearance will change every day during the early weeks of life, some of which may cause new moms unnecessary worry. As part of our after-birth care, we are here to help and advise you on any changes your baby experiences to give you peace of mind.
To a new parent, even routine tasks like changing a diaper and dressing your baby can seem daunting. But not to worry, all it takes is a bit of guidance, patience and natural instinct. While you’re under our care, the experienced nurses will teach you everything you need know.


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