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Raising Children


Choosing childcare for your baby is a very tough decision.

Choosing the Right Childcare

Choosing child care for your baby is a very tough decision for many mothers, especially for a first child.

In some cases, the parents can arrange their work schedules so that one of them is able to stay home with the baby. Others are able to ask a grandparent or other trusted family member to provide care. If you don’t have these options, you will want to select a child care provider who supports your efforts to breastfeed.

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Choosing Child Care for Your Breastfed Infant

An important consideration is how convenient the child-care location is to your workplace. In-home child care has its advantages. But some mothers find a care provider close enough to their workplace that they can drop in during work breaks or at lunchtime to breastfeed.

Some mothers are able to have their care provider bring the baby to them at work. When your commute time between the child care provider and your workplace is shorter, you and your baby spend less time apart. You can then make time for more direct breastfeeding. This means fewer pumping sessions may be needed.

Finding Support when You're a Single Parent

If you’re a single parent, you may feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do each day. In fact, it may seem like there are not enough hours to handle it all. Even though you’re doing your best, you may find yourself exhausted, isolated, and anxious.

But you are in good company. Many single parent families face a lot of the same problems:

  • Lower income
  • More stress
  • More depression
  • Fewer social ties
  • More difficult health problems

Now the good news: Studies show that spending just 90 minutes a week with a group of other single parents can help improve your quality of life. It’s especially helpful if the group is free, provides some education about parenting or life as a single adult, and offers child care.

Find Your Provider

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