Kidney Transplant Program

Living Donation

Recipients with a living donor have the best outcomes

A living donor transplant is a procedure where a kidney is removed from a healthy donor and its surgically implanted in a recipient with kidney failure.

The living donor can be anyone who is healthy to donate. It can be a family member, spouse or friend. Living donor kidneys can also come from strangers or someone who wants to help someone in need of a kidney.

A living donor transplant has many advantages over a deceased donor kidney transplant, the most important being a significantly higher success rate. Additional reasons include:

  • It shortens the wait time for the person in need to less than a year. The average wait time for a deceased donor kidney could be up to eight years.
  • Living donor kidneys generally function immediately after transplant. A deceased donor kidney might take several days or weeks to function normally.
  • Living donor transplants can be scheduled, allowing the recipient and donor preparation time. You will not know when a deceased donor kidney will be available, and surgery must be performed very soon after it is available.

If you are interested in being evaluated as a potential living donor, please contact our living donor program by calling 302-623-3866 to get the process started.