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Adult Volunteer Program

The Adult Volunteer Program is for non-students. College students please refer to the College Volunteer Website.

ChristianaCare depends on community volunteers to help deliver a consistently high level of service and care. Our volunteers are a vital resource, bringing valuable talent and perspective, and a shared sense of commitment that benefits our patients. As a volunteer, you will be able to enrich the lives of our patients and families. Some volunteers acquire new and different skills, and others bring a vast wealth of knowledge and life experience. Some volunteers work directly with patients and their families, while others prefer to work in a variety of interesting and challenging settings that do not involve patient care.

Volunteers are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of service annually.

If you are an adult (non-student) and wish to volunteer, and have not volunteered with us before, you are required to complete the first 3 steps outlined below for NEW volunteers.

If you have previously participated in the volunteer program and completed a minimum of 100 hours, please E-mail us to discuss next steps. PLEASE DO NOT RE-APPLY!

PLEASE NOTE: Only apply if you are available to begin volunteering within the next month. Otherwise, please wait to apply when you are available to volunteer.

Steps for NEW volunteers

  1. REQUIRED PAPERWORK: Please complete and return the paperwork to Volunteer Services via E-mail, or fax to 302-733-3417. This is a fillable PDF that can be completed online but must be saved to your desktop and returned via email or fax. Please be sure to include your driver’s license and social security numbers on the paperwork where required. If you do not have one, please indicate NA in the appropriate section.
  2. EDUCATION: Please read the Volunteer Handbook. After reading the handbook, please complete the Annual Volunteer Education. You must obtain a score of 100%. If you receive a score under 100%, you will be instructed to retake the quiz until you reach the required score.
  3. APPLICATION: Complete the online Adult Volunteer Application.

Once the 3 steps above have been completed and we are in receipt of your paperwork, education, and application, we will contact you to continue with the next steps in the process:

  1. Schedule an interview session via a link that will be sent via email upon completion of the first 2 steps.
  2. Selected applicants will be required to a) attend a New Volunteer Orientation (dates to be provided at the interview session), b) complete a PreCheck release form for a background check, c) obtain a TB test, and d) obtain a flu shot (during flu season only—Oct-Mar) prior to beginning their volunteer assignment.

There are many ways and places to volunteer at ChristianaCare. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities by reviewing our Volunteer Directory. When you meet with a volunteer coordinator, you may discuss these options to see if they are the right fit for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact Volunteer Services via E-mail or by calling 302-733-1284, option #4. We look forward to working with you!

ChristianaCare Volunteer Services
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